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   The governorate of Ariana is an important economic and residential center with a modern infrastructure and a favorable natural environment thanks to Jbel Nahli, Sebkhat Ariana and fertile land in the watershed Medjerda.

   In fact, despite its narrow area which represents only 0.3% of the extended national territory, Ariana is positioned as a place of attraction for migrants, overcrowding factor in the region with about 504,000 inhabitants with a density 1400 h / km2.

   The economic potential is characterized in part by a diversified industrial base, counting 305 companies of which 50% are exporters and operate in the field of textiles, and also the abundance of fertile agricultural land covering 24,000 hectares of which 13,000 ha of irrigated areas.

   Also governorate enjoys the implantation of two specialized technological centers as telecommunications in El Ghazala and biotechnology in Sidi Thabet.

   This potential is strengthened by a network of national and regional roads extending over 180 km highway and Ariana, Bizerte promoting the integration of the region into the economic area of the District of Greater Tunis and the governorates Boundary.