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   The governorate of Ben Arous is a key urban and economic support for the Capital, a relay region and integration between the governorates of Nabeul and Zaghouan, on one hand, and the Grand Tunis, on the other, as well as a main component of the axis coastal development.

   Its population is 583,000 inhabitants and is growing at annual population rate of 2%, double the national rate observed, mainly due to the strong migration recorded in recent years for habitat pattern.

   The governorate is served by three roads in dense traffic (A1 and RN1 and RN3) as well as the main railway line in the country and the port of Rades, the largest national transportation port containers. These essential components of the multimodal transport predispose governorate to position in Mediterranean maritime networks.

   The governorate is also home to the wholesale market of Bir Kassa, one of the largest in the country through which pass the agricultural products from all regions of the country, as flagship regional products like table grapes, peach and pear.

   In addition, the governorate of Ben Arous is as a major industrial site with 19 industrial areas, the modern area of M'ghira, 559 large industrial companies, including 214 totally exporting and nearly a third of operating in the sector mechanics and electricity. This industrial tradition was an attractive asset aeronautical industries in the governorate and the development of support services to the industry through the establishment of 226 enterprises.