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   The governorate of Manouba is located in the western part of the Greater Tunis which occupies 42.5% of the area of the region and is as main region bridge between the capital and the Northwest countries, particularly to the highway Tunis-Oued Ezzerga.

   Its estimated population of 374,000 inhabitants represents only 15% of that of the Greater Tunis. However, the governorate is a significant population influx and strong urban expansion due to the observed scarcity of land reserves of the capital and its northern and southern suburbs.

   Economic dynamism distinguished himself by rooting of agricultural activities and the knowledge of farmers combined irrigated area to a potential of approximately 26,000 hectares located on the fertile lands of the lower valley of Medjerda. These advantages have encouraged the diversification of production and integration of organic farming in the regional agricultural production system.

   Industrial activity is the same, more dynamic thanks to its many businesses, including foreign and important project of El Fejja of economic business park for industries of finished products intended for textile reinforcement 8 industrial areas existing.

   Crafting is a distinctive activity of the governorate and owes its growth mainly handicraft village Denden and fulfillment to its 80 craft units and hundreds of artisans working in various activities such as carpets, traditional clothing and textiles manual. In addition, the Institute of Design Science, is likely to be a positive externality for the sector.

   In addition to its productive potential, Manouba has a large potential for the development and promotion of human capital through its various academic institutions, its new center for information technology and communication.

   In addition, the governorate of Manouba has important health and social institutions nationally oriented in reference to the sound ecological natural environment that characterizes it.