Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning


Nabeul Governorate

   Governorate of Nabeul is the tip of the Northeast territory that sinks into the Mediterranean Sea about 50 km and covers a coastline of 180 km. This specific geographical location has favored a notable development of seaside tourism, particularly around the Gulf of Hammamet with hotel infrastructure of 135 units with a capacity of approximately 49,000 beds, representing about 20% of the country's hotel capacity.

   The tourist industry has led to the prosperity of the craft of the region in particular pottery, stone carving, leather goods and mosaic.
In addition, the economic activity of production is characterized by its diversification and sectoral integration.

   In fact, despite its limited agricultural area that exceeds 4% of the total land area of the country, governorate contributes 15% of national agricultural production and thanks to the expertise of farmers and its specialization in products such as tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruits, spices and strawberries. This specialization has led to the installation of 140 units of packaging and processing of various agricultural products.

   Similarly, the governorate has 682 industrial enterprises, 11.8% of the industrial production system of the country, operating mainly in textiles and clothing, construction materials and ceramics, electrical and mechanical industries as well as the furnishings.
The production infrastructure is consolidated on one hand, by the Technology Borj Cedria which is an essential pillar for research and innovation, particularly in the fields of energy, water and biotechnology, and the 7 universities and 14 laboratories scientific research installed in the governorate, on the other.