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The governorate of Bizerte is located in the extreme north and on the south shore of the Mediterranean he meets on a northeast of 200 km coastline. This strategic geographical location has given it a strong comparative advantage in attracting various economic activities and the implementation of a multi-sectoral cluster combining heavy industry and technology.

   It stands out, also for the richness of its specific natural and ecological heritage like the Lakes Bizerte Ichkeul Park, Ghar al Milh and the island of Galite which is an important asset for the development eco-tourism in the Governorate.

   This specific natural tourism potential is consolidated by a legacy rooted learn to craft, especially in the mountainous village of Sejnane specializing in pottery, khachabia and artisanal embroidery. In addition, the Governorate has beautiful beaches, Cap Serrat, Kef and Sidi Abbad Mechreg, dominated by mountainous hills offering panoramic views favorable to the development of tourism.

   On the other hand, the agricultural sector of the Bizerte region contributes significantly to domestic production, especially in legumes, at 40% and in red meats up to 15%. This agricultural vocation Governorate will be supported by the food technology park of Sidi Abderrahmen which would be a significant boost for the diversification of the productive industrial facilities comprising 366 companies of which two thirds are exclusively exporters.