Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning


Zaghouan governorate

   The Zaghouan is a territory of economic functional extension for the Greater Tunis enjoying the externalities associated with basic infrastructure airport Tunis Carthage and Enfidha port of Rades and also benefits from its proximity to the tourist center of Hammamet Nabeul.

   This positioning in relation to these important economic and logistic centers is actually a regional asset promoting attractiveness to investors, especially foreign generating the implantation of 285 companies (10 jobs and over) a majority operates in the mechanical and electrical industries with a predominance of automotive components. Similarly, the wealth of useful substances Zaghouan Governorate led to the development of building materials industry for construction projects in Greater Tunis.

   Furthermore, the agricultural sector contributes significantly to regional economic growth, especially since it occupies about 32% of jobs, thanks to the abundance of production factors such as agricultural area covering two-thirds of Governorate territory and water resources mobilized by two large dams and 19 small lakes on irrigation of about 12,000 hectares. Agricultural activities are focused on cereals, arboriculture and extensive breeding sheep and a recent and encouraging expansion of organic crops.

   Governorate Zaghouan is also, with a diverse natural environment (forest mountains, mineral water springs and big gardens of "ennisri" of the city of Zaghouan) and a historical and cultural heritage visible through the archaeological remains of the Temple of Water and Jradou and Roman water pipes. It has all the assets to the promotion of ecological tourism and cultural development.