Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning



The North-East region

  • Exploitation of forests and natural zones through the creation of urban parks.
  • Leisure tourism through exploiting the lakes and marinas: Hammamet, Sidi Bou Said and Bizerta
  • Creation of holiday resorts
  • Creation of tourism-related cultural and leisure facilities in the Nabeul Governorate
  • Creation of a seaweed- thalassotherapy station
  • Encouragement of handicraft in the field of clothing
  • Basic infrastructure

The Center-East region

  • The geographical location of the region, including tourist zones endowed with rich leisure sites, several luxurious hotel units and integrated tourist centers, mainly in the Sousse and Monastir Governorates has made of this region a tourist attraction pole.
  • The Mahdia Governorate is considered to be a promising pole in this respect, given the cultural and tourist heritage enjoyed by this region (El Jem delegation) and the increase in business tourism.
  • In addition, the experience and knowledge acquired by the inhabitants of this region with regard to handicraft and particularly the transformation of materials available in the region such as pottery in Moknine in the Monastir governorate as well as textiles have widely contributed to the promotion of tourism in this region.