Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning



At the national level : 

  • Assisting dedicated services in the elaboration of regional development outlook and policies through taking part or carrying out studies as well as designing procedures and suggesting the needed measures.
  • Taking part in the follow-up of the implementation of regional development programs and strategies and assessing their results.
  • Carrying out any action enabling the promotion of regional planning instruments and techniques
  • Helping with the gathering and dissemination of regional data in collaboration with the competent services.
  • Drawing up specific development programs requiring national coordination and following up their implementation in cooperation with the concerned departments and their external services as well as with the local authorities.

In addition, it is in charge of carrying out all other tasks and missions needed within the framework of the promotion of regional development.

At the regional level : 

  • Helping the regional authorities in designing , drawing up and implementing development plans and programs in each governorate and supporting them in the field of the coordination among the different intervening parties as well as in the field of the implementation and follow-up of the said plans and programs
  • Seeing to the creation of a harmony among the development programs and plans in the intervention areas.
  • Elaborating in collaboration with the specialized national and regional bodies complementary actions and programs aimed at promoting and developing the areas having specific problematics or experiencing development difficulties and seeing to the implementation of the afore-mentioned programs and plans..

Role of the Commission in the encouragement of investment :

To stimulate private investment, the Regional Development General Commission is in charge of :

  • Gathering all information useful to private investment (incentives, procedures, industrial zones …), defining it and putting it at the disposal of the concerned parties.
  • Following–up the work of the regional committees for the creation of enterprises and providing an impetus to the innovating projects with respect to :
    • Gathering strategic sectorial studies and exploiting them so as to coming up with new investment opportunities and project fact sheets.
    • Elaborating studies at the level of governorates with a view to come up with business opportunities likely to lead to feasible projects, particularly in the zones of encouragement to regional development.
    • Taking part, in collaboration with the concerned support bodies in holding events and days at the level of governorates so as to give an impetus to private investment and promote overseas partnership.
    • Following –up the outcomes of the afore- mentioned days.
    • Assisting the new promoters and particularly those operating in the regional development zones (orientation, assistance with the elaboration of folders, initial contact with banks as well as the follow-up on the field of all the different stages of implementation.).