Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning


Caracteristics of the North-East region

  Presentation of region 

 The geographic position of the North- East region on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and on the borders of Europe and the important economic and political role of the Capital, which it is part of, have bestowed on this region a considerable weight in the development of the country. The diversified and dense economic fabric and the modern infrastructure which it has, such as the international airport of Tunis Carthage and its tree ports, the most important of which is that of La Goulette, and the Free trade area of Bizerta are yet other assets to ensure the openness of the region on external investment.

The region has 49% of all the enterprises at the national level, 50% of which are export-oriented. It also represents the first tourist venue of the country (33% of the hosting capacity ) concentrated mainly in the Nabeul–Hammamet region.

It also hosts the most important university poles, namely the University of Tunis, the university of Manouba, the Technology Park of Ariana… .
►  With regard to health, sports, cultural and leisure infrastructure, the region includes several university hospitals, private clinics, important sport complexes, including the Rades Olympic City in the Ben Arous Governorate, and several cultural and leisure venues broken down among the eleven governorates of the North- East.