Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning


Main activities in the North East region

Agriculture : 

Useful agricultural area : 1.05 million of hectares the major part of which are located in the governorates of Bizerta, Nabeul, Zaghouan and Manouba.

Forests : 185 thousand hectares characterized by the diversification of plants.

Agricultural hydraulic resources : 15 dams and 166 small lakes

Irrigated areas : 98 thousand hectares, of which 44% are in the Nabeul governorate.

Arboriculture : 175 thousand hectares of citrus, olive trees and other varieties

Cereals : 274 thousand hectares located in the governorates of Bizerta, Nabeul , Zaghouan and Ariana.

Vegetables : 46 thousand hectares, 57% of which are located in Nabeul, in particular tomatoes and peppers.

Stock-farming : 249 thousand bovines, 1076 thousand sheep and 182 thousand goats. Red meat production amounts to 60 thousand tons and milk production amounts to 367 thousand tons of milk. The main dairy producers are the governorates of Nabeul and Ariana.

Fishing : 12 fishing ports, the most important of which are those in the governorates of Bizerta and of Nabeul. The production amounts to 28 thousand tons.

Industry and services : 

  • The industrial sector enjoys an important position as this region secures 50% of the enterprises of the whole country, 50% of which are export-oriented.
  • The footwear industry gets the first position. It accounts for 40% of the national sector with 68% of the enterprises being export-oriented. Moreover, the marble industry, electrical industry and electronics are worth mentioning…
  • The services employ 52% of the engaged labor force of the region, mainly in the fields of industry, agriculture, public works, computer sciences, Internet and other services related to transport ( forwarding businesses).

Tourism : 

The distinguished geographical position of the North East and the fact that it has been endowed with a diversified archeological and cultural heritage ( Phoenician, roman and Islamic) have made of the region an important tourist pole for coast tourism as well as for seminars and conferences’ tourism.

The North East englobes 6 tourist zones, namely Bizerta, Hammamet, Nabeul, Kélibia, Slimene ,North of Tunis and the center of the capital. There are also natural and ecological areas such as the Ishkel lake in Bizerta and the thermal stations located in the governorate of Zaghouan and in Korbus in the governorate of Nabeul.

The North-East region also hosts traditional activities which play an important role in the evolution of the tourist industry, namely those of ceramics and the stone sculpture in the governorate of Nabeul and that of the Chachia in the governorate of Tunis.