Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Regional Development and Planning


Characteristics of the Center- East region

The privileged geographical location of the Center- East region has enormously contributed to making of this region a bridge of interconnection with its national and international environment through a developed basic infrastructure in terms of road, maritime and air transport ( the GP1 national road, the Tunis- Msaken highway, the railway network, the Sahel métro léger (light rail transit), the Skanès and Sfax airports and the Sousse and Sfax ports). This has enabled the development of economic exchanges and has made movements easier leading thus to a dynamic, diversified economy , mainly based on manufacturing industries ( in particular the textile and clothing industries), tourism, agriculture and fishing.

The region accounts for 37.2% of all the enterprises at the national level.

Furthermore, The Center-East region is an important tourist attraction pole which has more than 245 hotel units set up for the most in the Sousse, Monastir and Mahdia governorates. The region is equipped with several important hospital compounds,( University hospital centers, clinics, etc.), university poles (the Sfax South University, Sousse University and Monastir University) as well as with cultural and leisure facilities.